Spider Dots - The Best Preschool Halloween Game

Spider Dots - The Best Preschool Halloween Game

Inside: Preschool Halloween Game to learn through play.

Last year we played a preschool Halloween Game, and the world went nuts.

So this year, we are bringing it back and packaging it in a nice little post for you to save on Pinterest for the years to come. - Your wish is my command.

Grab your dot stickers because Spider Dots is alive and well!

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Preschool Halloween Games

Spider Dots began with a simple Breakfast Invitation to play.

You know the drill.

Set an activity up the night before, and the next morning your children are invited to create as you drink your morning coffee.

It’s pretty brilliant, actually. - If you feel like this is a tall order, be sure to check out the Startup Guide to get going.

So per usual, last year we gathered on IG stories for Sunday Night Setup and Spider Dots went bananas. - So much so that I had friends sending me pictures of what their preschooler made at school that day. I’ll give you a hint and tell you it had dots, eight legs, and a web. 😂

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preschool halloween game

Preschool Halloween Games don’t have to be over complicated.

Preschoolers enjoy being invited over to play.

You can tape it on the table or to the wall for a vertical space. When games are hung on the wall, preschoolers use their upper arm strength which will help with climbing, throwing and catching. Technically, this is improving gross motor skills.

Get a group, or keep it solo. Either way, invite preschoolers to play and watch what happens.

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Preschool Halloween Games

This activity is great for so many ages!

My two-year-old spent the morning trying to match the color on the stickers to the colors of the spiders.

In the image above, you see my four-year-old preparing the stickers by peeling off the backing.

This is a little trick I learned from my dear friend, Busy Toddler and helps little fingers grab the stickers with more ease.

Wait, why is peeling stickers important for little hands?

Peeling off stickers, and placing them in a different place helps strengthen tiny fingers. This grasp is going to help make writing a lot more manageable. Remember! Don’t rush writing. Spend lots of time playing fine motor games first.

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preschool halloween game

What are we waiting for? Let’s get set up!

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Older kids can have fun matching sight words, and younger children can practice getting the hang of how to peel and place a sticker.

This Halloween, make spider dots your go to for preschool fun.

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preschool halloween games
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