Halloween Sensory Play

Halloween Sensory Play

Inside: Halloween sensory play for kids.

Get ready for some super fun Halloween sensory play! 

We all know that kids and water are like beans and rice. They just go together! 

We also know that change and variation are great for the mind.  I have always loved a change of seasons. It keeps things fresh and exciting and I am sure this is how kids feel as well when learning. 

Change up your water play by adding these fun plastic eyeballs for Eyeball Soup! 

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Halloween Sensory Play

Sensory Play unlocks SO MANY important skills!

For one, sensory play forces my children to work together, make a plan, and better understand how to listen to one another's ideas. - Such a HUGE skill that doesn't come easily. 

Now that my boys are a little older, I can trust the fact that they are not drinking the water, or putting the eyeballs in their mouth.

This allows me to take a step back, yet stay close enough to keep watch from afar.

As I watch from behind the scenes, I can also see how they argue and problem solve.

95% of their altercations get resolved on their own. I know how my boys work together and I also know when it is time to step in. With practice, you will too.

First sensory bin? Start here. 

Sensory water play also helps children begin to understand:

  • Capacity - How much water will fill this jar

  • Sink vs. float - What sinks? What floats?

  • Self-control

  • Fine motor development

  • Accuracy with pouring and scooping

Halloween sensory play

Spooky Supply List: 

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The scoops and the bins are shown here. 

Simple Set Up:

For this Halloween sensory play, I wanted to showcase the plastic eyeballs.

I also want my preschoolers to explore sink vs. float and capacity so I kept the setup simple. 

Sometimes we can provide too many supplies which can lead to overwhelming our preschoolers. Think, "What do I want my preschooler to practice?" and stick with that. 

To begin, I added all of the eyeballs to the large metal bin that I already owned. Check your inventory. I bet you have something similar. 

Next, I added some drops of orange food coloring to the water containers, stepped back and invited my preschoolers to explore. 

Halloween Sensory Play

Halloween Eyeball Soup gets your preschooler thinking! 

As I watched my three-year-old pour the water into the orange juice container, I noticed his reaction as it can barreling over! - This is exploration of capacity. 

I also noticed my 4.5-year-old scoop and transfer water from one container to another. He watched the measuring cup closely as the numbers increased. "I am going to fill this up to the 6 mom." - This is exploration of measurement. 

Never underestimate the power of a sensory bin.

When will you make eyeball soup?

Halloween Sensory Play








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