Fill the Line - A Measurement Game

Fill the Line - A Measurement Game

Inside: Hands-on preschool measurement activity

Grab the masking tape. It’s time to get measuring!

Measurement activities are simple to create at home, and can also be very hands-on.

This means that your child is touching the materials, learning by doing, and testing out new ideas. Boom. All powerful ways to remember what we practice.

And fear not!

I am about to show you just how quick and easy hands-on learning can be for you, and how entertaining it will be for your children.

My two-year-old, my four-year-old, and my almost Kindergartener scooped and measured for a long time.

So grab the toddlers and the big kids, and let’s get started!

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preschool measurement

We know hands-on learning is important, but can sometimes become intimidated on the why and how to make this possible at home.

Guess what?

That is why I am here.

I am here to show you quick setup, and simple execution to help your children learn as you catch your breath throughout your busy day.

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preschool measurement

My preschooler doesn’t know it, but he is preparing for future important math skills.

Children following the Common Core standards will be asked to, directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute, and describe the difference.

This particular measurement activity begins to explore capacity.

Here, all three of my boys are exploring fill vs. empty and how much space a certain amount of pom poms takes up.

preschool measurement game

And that’s not all this measurement game is doing!

This math activity is also helping my son hold his hand steady as he pours the pom poms into each container in order to reach the line.

Scooping into a container helps:

preschool measurement game

Let’s put this measurement game together!

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60 quart under the bed storage bin - You can find these for a fraction of the cost at Target.

Small storage for pom poms shown here in our storage bin post.

Setting up is as easy as it looks!

Remember the “buffer zone” we talked about in How to Train for a Sensory Bin?

Here, the under the bed storage bin helps keep most of the pom poms contained as the boys scoop and pour to measure.

  • Place tape on each jar, keeping each jar a little different

  • Place pom poms into a smaller storage bin.

  • Place small storage bin inside the larger storage bin

  • Place a large spoon into the bin for scooping.

  • Invite your preschooler over to play!

This measurement game is such a hit!

Grab the pom poms and get started today!

preschool measurement game

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