5 Quick and Simple Breakfast Invitations You Can Make In a Flash

5 Quick and Simple Breakfast Invitations You Can Make In a Flash

Inside: Simple preschool ideas to do during breakfast and morning routines that encourage child led learning

Raise your hand if you love everyone asking for breakfast before you have taken your first sip of coffee? 

Wait a second....

Is no one raising their hand? 

Guess what? ME NEITHER! 

This is the exact reason why I created these Breakfast Invitations.  

Breakfast Invitations will calm your morning and offer more moments of sanity as you begin your day. Plus, they will offer your preschooler the chance to do something that will give them a positive jump start to begin their day. 

Trust me.

Breakfast Invitations are where it's at. 

preschool morning routines

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I time how long these setups take me to make. LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! - But I get that they look a little more time consuming than they actually are. 

I GET you. Motherhood is an endless circle that I too continue to walk in. 

So allow me to start you off with 5 of the quickest Breakfast Invitations to set up. You can make them today and introduce them tomorrow. You've got this. 


Preschool morning routines

Here, your preschooler is identifying straight and curved lines.

This is a great way to gear up and practice prewriting

You see, there are SO MUCH MORE TO LETTERS THAN NAMES AND SOUNDS. There is also something called letter forms and features. 

Here, we are working on identifying letter features and I started with straight lines and curves. To be more specific you can also branch out by identifying sticks, tails, dots, slants, circles, curves, tunnels and crosses. - Oh my! Who knew there was so much more to letters than identification? 

You can do this! As your preschooler is playing this Breakfast Invitaion, or on their own, you can begin to casually begin this discussion. “Oh, look at that! This letter has a curve. Let’s look at T. Does this letter have a curve?” - Then you can continue to categorize them if your preschooler begins to catch on. Grey (age 4) needed a little help to get started, and then took off! 

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*note: These are not the exact scrabble tiles shown in the picture. There is no link to my original purchase. You can also check craft stores for a larger supply.


Here, your preschooler is using a manipulative to follow the line. Your preschooler is practicing nonstandard measurement and left to right progression to prepare for Reading and Writing. 

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Paper Roll - shown above 


Preschool morning routines

Here you can add familiar names. Allow your preschooler to find and circle their name. You can make this as large as the table! It is a preschool favorite. 


preschool morning routines

Color sorting is always a win. 

What's the big idea behind color sorting? Read more here. 

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preschool morning routines

For your younger preschoolers, begin by adding the first initial to their name. 

Gradually increase the number of letters once they are mastered and identified.

You can read more about Letter Match here. 



Preschool morning routines

As I tucked my preschooler in last night, this Breakfast Invitation was his request. 

"Mom, can you make that sticker matching game tomorrow?"

Of course, I can!

It takes literally TWO minutes to put together! In the morning, I will have time to start my tea and get the toast toasting. Yahoo! 

Cheers to a calmer morning.

Which Breakfast Invitation will you do first?

You can find all of our Breakfast Invitations that are on our blog here. 

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