Valentine's Book Box Story Retell

Valentine's Book Box Story Retell

Inside: Preschool Valentine's Day Book and Valentine's Day Activity

Who is more willing to spread love than a preschooler? 

True story. My preschooler still tells me "Happy Mother's Day" numerous times throughout the day. True, some of these times, is to get a pack of gummies, but I'll take it. 

Preschoolers simply have the sweetest little souls. 

So who better to prepare and celebrate Valentine's Day with than them?

You will adore these two Valentine's Day Books that Lu from The Mama Workshop and I have picked out. We read a lot of books as we were deciding and these two were hands down, THE BEST. 

What is a book box? 

A book box is a way to retell a familiar story. All the supplies needed are stored in one box. Hence, BOOK BOX. Clever, huh? Check out our very first book box here. 

preschool valentines book and activity

What is in a Book Box?

  • Familiar book
  • Props to retell the story
  • In this particular story retell, we are pulling ideas from our world and relating it to the book read. 

Why Use a Book Box? 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to:

  • With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
  • With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

  • With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.

Master now?

No, thank you.

Expose now?

Yes, please! Build up your preschoolers confidence for when they have to meet these rigorous standards. 

This is a fun, interactive way to begin practicing this skill with your preschooler. 

You will also find 50+ fun ways to learn using n our Alphabet Activity Cards.

Preschool Valentine's Book and Activity

Recreate the theme of this book by talking more about "What Makes Your Heart Happy?

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Simple Supply List: You only need two items! 

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Easy Breezy Set Up for this Preschool Valentine's Book Activity! 

  • Begin reading WORDS AND YOUR HEART numerous times with your preschooler. 
  • Each time you read, and throughout the day, mention how an action made your heart happy. They will begin to catch on pretty fast. 
  • Begin to cut out paper hearts. 
  • Casually sit down with your preschooler and ask, "What makes your heart happy?".
  • Write the responses on the heart. - Anything goes
  • Hang up the written responses where you can continue to add and revisit. Keeping the hearts at eye level is very helpful for a preschooler. 
Preschool Valentine's Day Book and Activity
Preschool Valentine Book and Activity

Remember to post your hearts somewhere that you can add more all throughout February. 

This Valentine activity will also begin to encourage more ways for being kind throuhgout the day. 

  • "Does that make your heart happy?"
  • "Do you think that made your brother's heart happy?"
  • "Oh, wow! My heart feels so happy after that! Thank you!"

You don't want to miss what The Mama Workshop created! 

Preschool Valentine Book and Activity





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