A Prewriting Fine Motor Breakfast Invitation

A Prewriting Fine Motor Breakfast Invitation

Inside: A fine motor activity for preschoolers that makes a simple Breakfast Invitation. Practice prewriting skills by moving the bears from left to right.  

These counting/sorting/pattern bears are everything. 

Now, I know you may be thinking, "What do we actually do with these bears?".  And here's the thing. 95% of the time all you do is open the storage container they are in, and your preschooler will handle the rest.  

For the remaining 5%, come here. You are going to love Rainbow Prewriting just as much as you loved Bear Soup. 

fine motor prewriting for preschoolers

If you follow us on IG stories, you know that we tried this prewriting fine motor game for the first time last week.

I believe it took a total of 2 minutes, and a fresh pack of markers to set up. (thank you back to school sales for helping make this happen) 

And these bears are the BEST. 

So what makes them the best?

Kids gravitate towards them. My four-year-old uses the bears to create patterns, and my three-year-old sorts them by color before taking them for a train ride.

Even my one-year-old gets in on the action! - But stay close because they can fit into mouths. I never take my eyes off him when the bears are out. 

fine motor prewriting breakfast Invitation

The supply list for this is SUPER SIMPLE! 


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The Night Before:

  • Lay out your white paper.

  • Add a rainbow with your markers.

  • Place all the bears to the left of the rainbow.

The Morning of the Breakfast Invitation: 

  • Allow your preschooler to think about what they should do. - This is an important step!

  • Encourage and prompt by saying things such as: "Wow look at all of those bears in your bin! I wonder if any are the same color of the rainbow? Where should we place them?" - With this, they are begining to think about color sorting and classification.

prewriting fine motor breakfast invitation

What makes this Breakfast Invitation perfect for prewriting? 

For starters, you are encouraging left to right movement. Your preschooler should essentially start to the left of the rainbow and place the bears in a line to move to the right. Gripping the bears is also strengthening small hand muscles which will help later with holding a pencil. 

Now, here's something I want you to read: 

Quality comes over quantity. 

What I mean by this is that having conversations about 5 bears moving left to right is just as important as 30 bears.

Preschoolers have short attention spans.

If your preschooler moves 5-10 bears in the correct sequence before moving on to their own agenda, that is still pretty awesome! 

They heard you. 

They practiced. 

They moved on to their own creative way of learning.

Do not expect your three-year-old to complete this entire rainbow from left to right. Most three-year-olds will not sit that long, nor should they. Allow it to evolve. 

Keep left to right in mind, and remind your preschooler the next time you come across a teachable moment. 

fine motor prewriting breakfast invitation

For us, my three-year-old is currently loving the book, "Mixed: A Colorful Story". 

This is a great book about diversity where the primary colors end up mixing together to create a brighter community.

Since the bears are similar colors from the book, my three-year-old related the book to this Breakfast Invitation. He began retelling the story as he moved the bears to different lines on the rainbow. 

It is an important step to allow open-ended play such as this. 

Go ahead and set this up today! Your preschooler will enjoy it! 









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