Quick Preschool Review of the ABCs.

Quick Preschool Review of the ABCs.

Inside: Quick and easy DIY alphabet game to review the ABCs.

Tired of the same old morning routine

Babies crying as you pop the bread into the toaster.

Pouring milk into little glasses as your preschooler kindly screams (I mean shares with you) that they prefer the green cup? 

Yeh, I was tired of those mornings too. 

My Solution?

Breakfast Invitations. 

Simple set-ups, important skills, and time away from mom so she can prepare breakfast, drink a hot beverage, and wake up. 

This, my friend, will change your morning into awesome.  Breakfast Invitations are all over Days with Grey! See two more here and here

Preschool Alphabet Game Breakfast Invitation

WHY is This Activity Important? 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

This is not saying to master in Preschool. But this does allow your preschooler to build the foundation and gain confidence. 

So Let's Get Started on this Simple Preschool Alphabet Game!

preschool alphabet game Breakfast Invitation

Setting-Up Takes 5 Minutes. 

You want to set your Breakfast Invitation up the night before. 

preschool alphabet games breakfast invitation

Quick Material List: 

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Set-Up and Play:

  • Label all pieces the night before with one sticker for each letter of the alphabet. 
  • *Think - Do we need to work on upper or lower case? 
  • Lay out your white paper. 
  • Write the alphabet in your best print A-Z. 
  • Place pieces to the side.
  • Stand Back.
  • Allow your preschooler to analyze FIRST on their OWN what they may need to do for this particular Breakfast Invitation. 

It is that easy! But it also takes time to build a routine of Breakfast Invitations. 

Do not give up on day one. 

Keep at it. 

You will see a HUGE change in your morning routine. 

Want Even More Ideas?

You will love our Alphabet Activity Cards.

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