Rainbow Valentine Hearts

Rainbow Valentine Hearts

Inside: Rainbow Valentine Hearts; a fun Breakfast Invitation for kids

Ready for a fun Valentine Breakfast Invitation?

Try this Rainbow Valentine Heart activity and create a handful more for classmates!

“Who wants to come play a game with hearts and rainbows?”

Rainbows and hearts. I had them at hello.

Once my boys, 3.5 and 5, heard rainbows and hearts they both came running. Bummer, I thought. I should have made more. Not a bad problem to have because you can whip this up in minutes!

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rainbow valentine heart cards

Rainbow Valentine Hearts are so much fun to make.

Breakfast Invitations do not need to be complicated to set up, or overly involved in parts and pieces. The trick is to pick one or two super topics that lead to Kindergarten Readiness and watch it unfold.

These Valentine Hearts focus on two essential skills:

  • size order

  • rainbow order

You can see that by Kindergarten, children will be asked to directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute, and describe the difference. 

You can begin to discuss this idea now!

Some other hidden skills in Rainbow Valentine Hearts are:

All of these are important life skills and are important for preschoolers to practice often.

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valentine cards for kids

Let’s set this Valentine activity up!

Did you know?

Every Sunday at 7:30pm EST you can find us on Instagram setting up your Monday Breakfast Invitation on stories? It’s true! Come join us and I can show you just how quick and easy set-ups like this really are.


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I began by cutting the smallest heart first.

  • Take your purple paper and cut out a small heart.

  • Place that heart on your blue paper and draw a heart slightly larger than the purple one.

  • Cut out the blue heart.

  • Place the blue heart on the green paper.

  • Draw a heart slightly larger than the blue heart.

I bet you are catching on. Do this until you have a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple rainbow. Your red heart should be the largest and the purple heart will be the smallest.

Want to get two for the price of one?

Begin by arranging the hearts in size order from smallest to largest.

Once your preschooler has organized the hearts by size order, they can then begin to make their rainbow Valentine heart cards.

rainbow valentine hearts

Toddler/Preschooler Quick Tip:

Wait to show the glue stick.

First, encourage your child to place the hearts in the correct size order before gluing. Sometimes when kids see the glue stick first they are SUPER ambitious to get started. They can be so focused on glueing that they do not pay attention to the correct order.

It may help to refer to the hearts as a Valentine’s puzzle.

Conversation starters:

  • Which heart is the smallest? What color is it?

  • Which heart is the biggest? What color is it?

  • HIGHER LEVEL THINKING: Which heart is larger than the yellow heart, but smaller than the red heart?

  • Where would the glue need to go in order for the entire heart to be glued down?

Make these quick and easy rainbow Valentine hearts today!

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