Rainy Day Activity for Kids

Rainy Day Activity for Kids

Inside: Rainy Day Activities for KIds for large motor development.

Does it rain near you? 

Of course, it does!

And doesn't it seem like when it rains for one day that typically leads to three?

Have no fear! This rainy day indoor activity will help get everyone moving. Remember, I have three active boys. Rainy days are fun for the first 3 hours. After that, it is a little bit of "Who's on first?!". 

rainy day games for preschoolers

Now, you all know, that I love a good Breakfast Invitation.

But I especially love when my kids are able to get up and move. In terms of physical development, this is called gross motor control using (and moving) the large muscles in the body. 

So when it is not Movement Dice or Run and Sort, we head to the garage for some gross motor fun! Simple set up, lots of engagement. - with a hint of competition. 

In terms of gross motor development, here is what we want to practice: 

Having your preschooler move their body literally wakes up their brain.

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rainy day activities for kids

You probably own these supplies! 

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Set up this rainy day indoor game for kids in a flash! 

  1. Go on a ball hunt. - Bonus because this also gets them moving!
  2. Gather what you find and add into a basket. 
  3. Find a wall in your garage. (or basement wall)
  4. Use painters tape to draw a large X in the middle. 
  5. Keep height and location of the X in mind. I found waist high was a good spot to add the X. 
  6. Add a line of painter's tape to the floor as a starting point. 
rainy day activities for kids

Remember to place the painter's tape on the ground as well, so your preschooler knows where to throw from. 

Now, step back and watch how fun this is! 

Want to add some key concepts to the game? - Refer to the balls as spheres and three-dimensional shapes. 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to Identify shapes as two-dimensional (lying in a plane, "flat") or three-dimensional ("solid"). - You can easily incorporate this into your rainy day indoor game! 

Remember, kids, learn best by doing. As they begin to throw, try saying things like: 

  • "Here we go! Sphere number one is a baseball. Let's watch it go! Ready, set, throw!"
  • "Interesting! Your soccer ball is a larger sphere! Let's see if it goes as fast as the smaller sphere."
  • "These all look like three-dimensional shapes. I can tell that because it is a solid shape. See how you can hold it in your hands? Can you do that with a flat circle?"
rainy day activities for kids

Want more shape activities? You will also love Fly in Your Shapes! I bet you will also love this DIY Ball Ramp from Busy Toddler.

You can also continue to extend this activity by adding more targets. 

SImpy add more targets and mark each one with a number to represent how many points it is worth. 

Will you wait for a rainy day to play, or are you getting started today? 




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