Shape Match - A DIY Shape Game for Your Preschooler

Shape Match - A DIY Shape Game for Your Preschooler

Inside: Fun shape matching activity for your preschooler to play at school or home

Whoever said that games bring people together was right! 

This game started as a simple DIY matching game for a Breakfast Invitation and very quickly evolved to the most played game in our house. 

"Dad, you go, then I go. Then Hayes. It goes dad, me, Hayes, dad, me, Hayes."

We were literally all on the dining room floor playing this all weekend! 

Did you know by Kindergarten children will be asked to follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., listening to others and taking turns speaking about the topics and texts under discussion)? 

This shape matching activity is a fun way to practice this! - Along with the obvious skill of identifying shapes. 

If you are in it for the shapes, be sure to also check out Fly in Your Shapes. 

shape match activity for preschoolers

How a shape matching activity can help prepare your preschooler for Kindergarten

Shapes are everywhere, and preschoolers love to identify them.

Identifying shapes is one of the first major skills your preschooler may master. Shortly after, they recognize that shapes are found everywhere! 

But they are not going to identify shapes with flashcards and boring printouts. Learning needs to be FUN! 

Create this DIY shape activity with any shapes you think your preschooler will enjoy and ask to play over and over again.! 


Super Simple Setup! 

Does your family eat eggs? Perfect! I love to hoard these egg cartons just like I like to hoard paper rolls. Your collection can never be too large. We even use egg cartons to store paint as we create! 

I then used a utility knife (do not allow your children handle this knife) for the openings. 

Draw matching pairs of shapes on popsicle sticks. 

shape matching game

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Egg Crate 

Utility knife

Shape Match Up also strengthens the small hand muscles.

Strong hands will help with cutting, squeezing glue, and writing down the road.  

preschool shape activity

Wonder how I pick our activities every day? 

Our Alphabet Activity Cards are always on hand for fast ideas without the Google search! 

No time to make this? Check out these Amazon Affiliate links to more shape activities! 

shape game for preschoolers
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