Shaving Cream Activity Toddlers Love

Shaving Cream Activity Toddlers Love

Inside: Shaving cream activities for toddlers and preschoolers. This exploration lasted for over an hour!

Why have I waited so long to bring out the shaving cream?


If you have just a whisper of wanting to try this sensory play, I urge you to grab your husband’s shaving cream (sorry, dad) and get started today!

For us, this morning was the perfect time and it lasted for over an hour.

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shaving cream activity for toddlers

Shaving cream activities engage play.

Now that my almost six-year-old is off to Kindergarten, one question haunts me.

Did we PLAY enough?

Now I know. You come here for ideas to play. So in the bing scheme of things, the answer is, yes, we did play enough.

But you see, having my son start BIG school has me glaring over their daily schedule knowing that there is no turning back time.



science/social studies






You guys! Do you see what is missing?!

When are these Kindergartners PLAYING other than recess?

There is so much curriculum that it takes a lot of energy to understand how to teach and integrate content through play. I get it. It is a very tall order to teach both at the same time.

However, If you are a Kindergarten teacher I urge you to read Purposeful Play.

So with this, I am desperate to make sure my children that are still home with me have plenty of time to play. This shaving cream activity is the ticket in!

shaving cream activity for toddlers

Is shaving cream taste safe?


My twenty-six month old, and my four-year-old understand that shaving cream does not go into the mouth or anywhere on the face.

I remind the boys that shaving cream is not taste safe, and it will be put away if it goes into their mouth.

Typically, this is enough to keep shaving cream out of their mouth, and my boys understand our sensory play guidelines. (most of the time) I stay close as they play, making sure the shaving cream activity goes as planned.

If you are just beginning sensory play, START HERE.

shaving cream activity for toddlers

Why is playing with shaving cream important?

Like most sensory play, this shaving cream activity gets toddlers and preschoolers thinking.

Shaving cream:

  • encourages creativity

  • stimulates the senses

  • exposes children to a new texture

  • engages critical thinking - if I add this here, will the two stick?

shaving cream activity for toddlers

We added our foam blocks into the shaving cream play!

Here, I added our foam shape blocks for the boys to explore how different shapes can fit in one another and stacked. We’ve had these blocks for FOUR years! They are great.

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Setting up this shaving cream activity was SUPER simple!

  • I used my husband’s old indoor cycling mat, and laid it out in the driveway. I find these to have a nice cushion for children to play on.

  • Remember, if you do not have a mat, a beach towel or plastic shower liner also works well. Find all my sensory play tips HERE.

  • Next, I added a couple squirts of shaving cream into small bowls my boys use for play. I also supplied them with plastic utensils.

  • I reminded the boys that shaving cream is for hands only, and they were off!


Tell me about the cleanup!

No worries. The cleanup was just as much fun as this shaving cream activity. Naturally, it lended itself right into water play.

I placed the mats near our hose so when the boys were officially finished, everything got washed down. - including the boys!

I laid the foam blocks out for the sun to dry, tossed the boys wet clothes in the washing machine, and we carried on with our day. Easy Peasy.

You will love this shaving cream activity!

So let’s bring on the shaving cream and watch them explore!

shaving cream activity for toddlers

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