Simple Birthday Party Idea for two-year-olds

Simple Birthday Party Idea for two-year-olds

Inside: Simple birthday party idea for 2 year olds

Looking for a simple birthday party idea?

I was!

We like to keep birthday parties for two-year-olds very simple.

We invite some family, create a theme for excitement, and celebrate with dinner and cake.

Everyone gets in on the setup. Even better? We try and keep decorations to items we find in our home, or something that will serve a purpose once the party is over.

Get ready to blast off into space with this quick and easy two-year-old birthday party idea!

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simple birthday party ideas for 2 year olds

Birthday parties for young children can be a chance to slow down and enjoy time together.

Sure, I love a good party.

In fact, prior to having children, parties were majorly my jam. (oh the stories to tell...) But now that I have a three children five and under, birthday parties for a two-year-old have become pretty low key.

Why? For one, a house of five is constantly being pulled in a many directions. Sometimes, we need a good excuse to slow down, gather the most important people, and celebrate with a simple party.

Even better? Imagine a two-year-old birthday party with ZERO party favors! Yes, please!

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Simple birthday party idea for 2 year olds

How we kept this birthday party simple:

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For starters, books are an amazing way to brighten the birthday table, and have something to read for years to come.

Here are some of the books we used to decorate:

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What else is on the table?

You will never guess, but we actually used sparkle gift wrap as the night sky! This fit perfectly on top of black butcher paper.

We also decorated for our simple birthday party for my two-year-old with our white kitchen plates and paper straws, because what kid doesn’t love a fun paper straw? -The better to blow bubbles with, of course.

What we used on the birthday table:

Simple birthday party ideas

Every party begins with a fun welcome sign!

Here, we used our Hape Rocket Ship and Accessories for the front entrance. If you do not already have one, this rocket ship makes a fun birthday gift for many ages.

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Every space party needs planets!

Create the solar system with fun balloons and a paper honeycomb ball for the sun.

All super simple ways to add excitement to your two-year-old’s birthday party.

Remember, simple party decorations don’t have to be perfect!

They just have to be fun. Fun doesn’t have to mean complicated.

Simple birthday party idea for 2 year olds

Here we have the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We all got involved learning the planets and identifying the best color for each one. We even added a multicolored ribbon for Saturn’s rings.

Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to be running to Party City with three kids the day of! Plan ahead and get a helium tank that you can store at home.

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Simple birthday party ideas

Let’s hear about the party food!

We had traditional cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, and we also created this simple constellation party snack.

To make you need 2 quick and easy ingredients!

  • Mega Chocolate Chips

  • Oranges

Share fun constellations with your children and see if they can recreate the image with chocolate chips!

Simple party ideas for kids

Every party needs a party shirt.

Again, think about what your child can wear for many days once the party is over. Do they enjoy space? I have two more great shirts for you sold at this ETSY shop.

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Remember! Two-year-old birthday parties dont have to be complicated.

Simple fun with decorations you can enjoy for years to come is the way to go!

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