Apple Sorting Activity

Apple Sorting Activity

inside: Irresistible sorting activities. Practice color sorting with this fun sensory exploration using apples.

Need a sorting activity your two-year-old will love?

I did too!

As my two-year-old begins to sort and classify by color, it is important for me to remember he does not need to start by organizing the entire rainbow.

In fact, color sorting can be practiced by eliminating the quantity of colors, and making the quality of the activity meaningful.

Remember that time we sorted the apples? That’s right! Some of the apples were red, and the others were green! Next time we go to the store, let’s see if we can find any apples in another color. Do you think we will find any?

Remember, what may sound ultra simple for us adults, is actually pretty complex for the two-year-old.

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sorting activities

Your two-year-old is making connections with every day objects.

My two-year-old knows that his brothers love apples.

My two-year-old watched his older brother sort and glue apples here.

What my two-year-old is now thinking about is the differentiation between the red apple and the green apple.

Prior to this, he saw the apples, but may not have made the connection that they were in fact two different colors.

That is exactly what sorting activities do! They help young minds acknowledge important characteristics of the every day world.

sorting activities

But sorting isn’t the only thing going on here!

See how the the apples are in a giant bowl of water?

This is because I also want to strengthen my two-year-old’s arms as he uses the ladle to scoop up the apples.

My two-year-old needs to:

  • use hand eye-coordination to scoop the apple

  • use arm muscles to pick up the apple out of the water - this gross motor practice will help him with throwing, catching, and lifting down the road

  • sort the apple by color

sorting activities

Setting up this apple sorting activity didn’t take long!

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I have one boy that loves green apples, and the other loves red. So stocking up was already on our grocery list.

And get this! For once, I was even ahead of the game knowing that if the apples were in water, we were also washing them for future snacks. - #itsthelittlethings

I took a quick look around my house and gathered my supplies:

I filled my large white bowl with water, and placed the red and green apples inside.

I also used our LEGO baseplates as color sorting mats. You can also use construction paper or these felt squares!

sorting activities

Now that we are officially on the sorting train, did you know that children can sort many different objects in many different ways?

Try these sorting activities:

Sort land, water, air HERE.

Sort primary colors HERE.

Sort size HERE

Sorting is fun, and never gets old!

Scoop and sort your apples today!

sorting activities

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