Inquiry, Balance, and Impulse Control

Inquiry, Balance, and Impulse Control

Inside: STEAM fall learning with apples for balance, inquiry and impulse control.

Tell me the first word that comes to mind when you think of Fall. 

Chances are it is either apple or pumpkin spiced latte. Being a tea drinker, I tend to fall (unintended pun!) into the apple category. They are crisp, delicious, and everywhere. Plus my three-year-old gobbles them up so I knew he would be instantly hooked. 

We know that balancing our bodies can help improve reading skills. So let's take a look at how balancing objects can benefit learning as well. 

You can find even more apple ideas here:

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STEAM learning for fall

Now, if you are worried about having the supplies (aka paper rolls) have no fear!

Collect the rolls from one week and you will be good to go. It is a surprisingly fast collection to build. 


  • Apples

  • Paper rolls

Sorry, Amazon. This time we have everything we need. 

And if you like apples, you are certainly going to want to check out Unit One of Busy Toddler's Playing Preschool Program.  I feature 3 of her apple activities here. 

STEAM fall learning for kids

How I set up this Fall STEAM balance activity: 

I placed about 7 apples on the table and a couple different paper rolls and Starbucks cups to test out. 

Then I said these magical words to prompt thinking:

"I wonder if any of these apples will balance on the tubes?"

And that was it. He was off to the races to test it out.

If I was really on top of my game I also would have added: 

"Let's predict which tube will balance the apples the best." But you know how mom the mom game goes. You set something up and 5 minutes later a toddler is pulling on your shorts. So moms, DO WHAT YOU CAN! It is still worth something. 

As my three-year-old began balancing the apples, some fell! And that made this activity even better. Now, not only did he have to balance the apples, but he had to practice impulse control and hold his hand nice and steady to rest them on the post. 

Holding your hand steady is a great way to build muscles and arm strength.  This is similar to working on a verticle surface. 

STEAM fall activity for fall

What's the big idea behind why things fall? 

Gravity, of course! This STEAM activity is a fun way for your preschooler make predictions about what causes movement and why things change direction, stop, speed up, or slow down. 

These books are an excellent resource to have on hand to better understand movement and making predictions with everyday objects: 

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Of course, you want to save the apples for eating, so I was careful about them rolling onto the floor. 

For the next three days, my three-year-old continued to say, "Can we play that apple game?". You see? It stuck. He loved it. Your kids will love it as well. 

STEAM fall balance activity for kids
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