Conversation Starter Sticker Activity

Conversation Starter Sticker Activity

Inside: fun sticker activity for kids

Are you drowning in stickers?

Try this fun activity to use up all those half used sticker sheets shoved into your junk drawer.

One of the main reasons I love stickers so much is that each one prompts my boys to tell a funny story. The boys are quick to tell me what’s on the sticker, or how they plan to use it. Stickers offer opportunity for conversation and this Breakfast Invitation is sure to get them talking.

It’s quick. It’s fun. And it offers an opportunity for an interesting chat at breakfast that may surprise you, like it did me!

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The task was simple.

Tell me what you like.

Now going into this, I thought, surly he’s going to circle the entire page.

What‘s not to love about Lightening McQueen, Thomas the Train, and a giant octopus? Come to find out, Cars isn’t a favorite movie, Thomas the Train is no longer a hit, and the octopus wasn’t going to be his new spirit animal. Who knew?!

You see, what started as a fast and easy Breakfast Invitation, transformed into the funniest little conversation! His reasoning for objects circled and the objects crossed out was my favorite part of this Breakfast Invitations.

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Why is conversation important?

Having conversations with your child allows them to become stronger thinkers, better writers, and active readers. In fact. by the end of Kindergarten, children will be asked to have important conversations about the books read, and to have meaningful conversations with their peers on Kindergarten topics.

By Kindergarten, children may be asked with prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text. Children may also be asked, with prompting and support, describe the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear 

Children may also be asked to continue a conversation through multiple exchanges and speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.

This Breakfast Invitation is a great way to get these conversations started!

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sticker activity for kids

Set this up in minutes

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For this Breakfast Invitation I grabbed my white paper roll and taped it down with painter’s tape to our Breakfast Table.

I then went on a quick hunt for supplies and gathered the half used sticker sheets found in the bottom drawer of our Art Cart. I knew my five year old may or may not recognize the sight word, like, so I wanted to add that in the title.

I simply prompted my boys by reading them the title and asked, “What do you like? Circle what you like, and cross out what you don’t”.

This is when things got pretty funny!

My five year old would stop to think about each and every sticker, and then continue to tell me his reasoning. Note to self;; pumpkins for Halloween are a win, volcanos are too hot (even when our house is covered in lava?!)


Don’t forget how quick and easy Breakfast Invitations are to setup. To find all your questions answered about Breakfast Invitations, you will also want to read the FAQ page.

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sticker activity for kids

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