The Breakfast Invitation Cards You've Been Waiting For

The Breakfast Invitation Cards You've Been Waiting For

Inside: The best preschool breakfast Invitations to help start your morning. Preschool activity cards that your children need. 

Ever feel like you want less television in the morning?

How about feeling like you need a calmer morning routine

Imagine a morning that begins with you being able to make, and drink, your coffee all while your child learns?!

A morning that allows you to make breakfast without little people pulling on your pant legs begging for toast. 

This was me. 

I had so many morning problems: we either started the day with endless amounts of TV, which set a cranky tone for the day, or I had a million requests before I took a sip of my hot tea. It wasn't working. 

So I created the solution. 

Breakfast Invitations.

Simple set-ups that allow your child to work on low prep activities as you begin your day. 

Breakfast Invitations are designed for multi-age families and work well with siblings. 

I've made a variety of simple, easy to use Breakfast Invitations Activity Cards for you to store in the kitchen (or mobile device) so you can quickly access ideas.

These Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards give you 20+ ideas to get a productive start to your day.

And guess what? They even align to the skills your child will need upon entering Kindergarten.

AND...are available preprinted OR PDF. You choose what's best for you!  

Preschool Breakfast Invitation Cards

Breakfast Invitations will help you:

  • Develop a predictable routine.

  • Minimize arguments about how many TV shows will be watched.

  • Encourage your child to work independently.

  • Prepare your children for Kindergarten.

  • Allow you to get a head start on making breakfast and drinking your coffee hot with minimal requests.

These Breakfast Invitations will help calm your morning! 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

You can begin to start Breakfast Invitations at any time! 

These Breakfast Invitations are designed for ages 2.5 - 5 years of age.

Most cards come with variations that will help you adjust the activity for your children. 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

What's inside this collection of Breakfast Invitations? 

Your first activity card will have the explanation of WHAT a Breakfast Invitation is, along with TWO activities that you can start with. Both of these activities require supplies that you most likely already own. 

I will also walk you through how to work with your children for the first couple of Breakfast Invitations to allow you to get the new routine established.

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

Here's a look at how the Breakfast Activity Cards are Structured:

The front of the card has a visual of an engaging low prep activity. 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

The back of the card shares:

  • How to set up the Breakfast Invitation the night before in under 5 minutes.

  • What to expect the morning of.

  • Language to use at home that will prepare your preschooler for Kindergarten.

You will have a clear understanding of how to implement into your mornings and how to encourage your child at home. 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

As a former elementary school teacher, I understand what language and vocabulary will help expose and prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Skill sets you will see in your Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards:

  • Sorting

  • Classifying

  • Grouping

  • Counting

  • Name Recognition

  • Letter Recognition

  • Measurement

  • Left to Right Progression

  • Cutting Practice

  • Gluing Practice

  • Identifying Shapes

But that's not all!

Don't need a physical copy?

Buy the PDF instead. I made a mobile friendly version of the Breakfast Invitations that you can buy and have right on your phone. 

It's a great way to go paperless AND make sure you always have the Breakfast Invitations handy. - If you choose, you can also print the PDF after downloading to your device. 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations
preschool breakfast invitation

All Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards come on a ring for you to use quickly and store neatly in your home. 

We also have handmade storage bags on our shop page for you to store and travel with your Breakfast Invitation Cards. Pictured is just one of our adorable fabrics! 

Preschool Breakfast Invitations

It's time to jump on board to a calmer morning. 

Stop wrestling the remotes and how to balance breakfast all within minutes upon waking up.

Now go grab your Breakfast Invitations and get ready for a calmer morning.

Preschool Breakfast Invitations
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