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40+ Top Activities for Two-Year-Olds

How do you entertain a two-year-old?

Having a two-year-old can be a lot like having the cutest companion turn on you at a moment’s notice.

Hand a two-year-old the green cup when they silently asked for red? - you’ll hear about it.

Try and help them brush their teeth? Nope. They’ve got this one. Sucking on the bristles is way more effective.

Or perhaps you have a two-year-old that has decided he no longer needs a nap?! GASP!

So here we are.

A toddler to entertain, and a long day that could use some help.

As a mom of three boys, five and under, I know the circus of managing it all.

The best place to start is by offering YOU encouragement, and offering your toddler opportunities to explore his environment to keep the peace.

Sand Sensory Play

We played with sand…and all is calm to tell you about it.

Now, I know. The majority of us believe sand should stay where it belongs.

THE BEACH. Amiright?!

But here is the difference when you bring sand into your home and use for sensory play. It does not mix with water. Keeping your sand dry makes it a lot easier to vacuum and carry on to cooking dinner post clean-up. You don’t want to miss this super simple sensory activity. Inside you will read WHY this is so important for development.