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The Best Kid Activities for Valentines!

Hello, February!

I don’t know about you, but January seemed to zip right past me. Needless to say, January came and went.

So bring it on February! We are ready for all things Valentines, hearts, and pink.

Since Valentine’s Day can sometimes sneak up on us all, I wanted to make a Valentine Round-up for your every need.

Inside you will find Valentine games, Valentine sensory play, Valentine crafts, Valentine cards, and Valentine Treats. Phew! Something for every Valentine need.

Have a favorite? Leave it in the comments below!

Rainbow Valentine Hearts

Ready for a fun Valentine Breakfast Invitation?

Try this Rainbow Valentine Heart activity and create a handful more for classmates!

“Who wants to come play a game with hearts and rainbows?”

Rainbows and hearts. I had them at hello.

Once my boys, 3.5 and 5, heard rainbows and hearts they both came running. Bummer, I thought. I should have made more. Not a bad problem to have because you can whip this up in minutes!