10 Thanksgiving Decor Hacks

10 Thanksgiving Decor Hacks

Inside: DIY Thanksgiving decorating hacks

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday that brings so many important people together.

Yet...it can sneak up on us!

Most people work right up to the night before the turkey needs to be put in the oven.

And don't forget about all the school functions.

It can be fun, and overwhelming.

Here are some Thanksgiving decorating hacks that you can apply to your table setting this year in a pinch.

Thanksgiving is days away. And although Hobby Lobby Thanksgiving decor is now 80% off,  (YES, you heard me right) we don't all have the ability to get there. 

Here are 10 simple ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table with items that you may already have in your home.

1. Break Out the Wedding China. 

Remember the china you asked for on your registry? Or the china your parents passed along as they were "downsizing"? Break it out and use it. You can decorate around the china with formal or informal accents depending on your taste. 

2. Search Around for Grandma's Table Cloths.

I have been fortunate to have had some handmade table cloths handed down to me. As we celebrate Thanksgiving and all we are thankful for, see if you have any family heirlooms to use on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Picking an item passed along from generations is a wonderful way to begin conversations about family members. Remember, you can always take off the heirloom once dinner is served. 

3. Take out Last Year's Decorations, then Mix them up. 

True, you do not want to repeat the same decor as last year. But you can easily repurpose items to give them a new effect. Last year, these pumpkins were on the mantle. This year, they are on the table. Same, but different look. 

4. Your Book Collection May Have a Gem.

Most likely, by now you have a pretty solid book collection. As an educator for 13 years, I have collected many inspiring books that make a perfect addition to the holiday table. This particular books is called, "A Note of Thanks: the Art of Gratitude" written by Dominique De Vito. 

5. Use Appetizer Dishes to Add a Splash of Color.  

These particular plates come from Crate and Barrel. I have had them for the last 6 years, thank you again wedding registry, and use them on many occasions. Crate and Barrel does not have these particular plates in stock, but they have many other cute options that would work well to add color to your table. 

6. Pie Pedestals Add Height to your Table

Did you know that a decorated table looks better when you add some height? I didn't! But now that I do, it does make perfect sense. Different textures, fabrics and heights all add dimension to give your table a pop.

7. Use Stationary to add a Personal Touch 

You know your guests the best. They may or may not be up for writing down something they are thankful for. If they are, it would be cute to seal the thankful envelopes up, and put them in a jar. You can save the jar for the following year to read. 

8. Swatches of Burlap 

I am just about over burlap. However, it can still add the rustic feel I am looking for on a set table. What I love about burlap is that it does not have to have perfect edges. Actually, I like them to be a little mangled to create a more organic look. 

9. Flameless Candles 

Remember grandma's table cloth I suggested you add to the table? Yes, you do not want that going up in flames when someone knocks the candle over. There are so many realistic candles that you can find in most craft stores. The best part is that most of these craft stores such as Joann and Hobby Lobby have online coupons!  I already searched their online inventory to put you directly to the candles. Click on your store of choice to see what they have. 

10. Mix up Your Chairs

Thank goodness mix matched chairs are in style! This helps when you have a last minute change in RSVP from no to yet! Pull out those chairs stored in the basement and add a little mix match to your table. For us, we have 2 different sets of chair designs plus a bench to run along the other side of the table. 

Stay tuned for Monday when we share thoughts on the kid's Thanksgiving table. 

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