Secrets for Taking Kids to The Pool

Secrets for Taking Kids to The Pool

Inside: Secrets for taking kids to the pool. How to pack this summer, and pool essentials. 

Want to tackle the pool this summer? Here’s how.

Planning ahead of time does not make you a helicopter parent.

It makes you a smart mom that goes into the lion's den prepared and comes out without feeling deflated.  It allows you to prep more before so that you can relax during and after. 

Taking kids to the pool can be stressful, and I am here to help with quick tips that will help make your pool time more manageable. 

Head into that pool this summer packed and planned for success. 

Keep in mind, this is what works for us. Take these suggestions and think about which ideas will work for you. 

Summer at the pool with kids.jpg

If only if this were true:

"You make it look so eeeeeasy.

Well, I assure you I am sweating bullets the first couple of times solo.

The reality is, taking multiple kids to the pool at one time (solo) is NOT easy.

But setting yourself up for success is key. You've got this and I am here to help. 

pool tips with kids

"But Beth, taking multiple kids to the pool does not even sound fun." 

I hear you. It may not be the first couple of times. 

But you know what? Neither is staying at home walking in circles.

I am a mom of three kids 4 and under. I want to embrace the memories we have the potential of making.

However, if you prefer to stay indoors due to the heat, I also have you covered with our Breakfast Invitations and Alphabet Activity Cards

I am here to help with quick tips that will help make your pool time more manageable. 

Let's face it. Summer is for the kids, but mom wants to have fun too! All it takes is a small action plan. 

taking kids to the pool

What Happens BEFORE we head to the pool:

What happens before we head out to the pool is the most important step.

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links that we love and help us stay organized. 

  1. Pack a lunch. Take 10 minutes in the morning to get this done. My mom hack is using containers with separate sides and throwing it all into a large cooler bag.
  2. Pack TWO dry bags. Bag ONE has everything you need for the pool. Bag TWO has everything you need for the shower afterward. - No shower? Skip this step.
  3. Apply sunscreen and get dressed in suits before leaving the house. 

Links to what's inside the lunch/snack bag:

Ice Packs:

Cooler Bag:

My Favorite Food Containers:


KEEP IT SIMPLE. What do you need, what can you leave behind?

  • baby hat
  • goggles
  • sunscreen 
  • extra swim diapers 
  • towels in both bags
  • clothes for after the pool
  • shampoo 
  • comb 
  • diapers/undies
tips for taking kids to the pool
packing for the pool with kids

Pool bags:

How it all goes down DURING our time at the pool:

Once we arrive I always follow this predictable routine:

  1. First, I feed my one-year-old in the stroller as the older kids jump in the pool. (This buys me a little time to get settled.)
  2. Next, I take my one-year-old into the pool. Here, I am holding him and the other two boys are swimming around us. 
  3. Finally, I can place my one-year-old into his portable playard where he contently plays. At this point, he has gotten the pool out of his system and is ready for some downtime.    
pool tips with kids
pool tips with kids

What my one-year-old is playing with:

What Happens AFTER:

Once everyone is finished swimming and eating, we head directly into the shower.

Since I have everything I need for after the shower in one bag, it is pretty painless. 

Into the shower, scrub off the chlorine, and out to get dressed. 

Do they love this part? Not really. But adding this small simple step means I am done and done.

Once we enter the house, the wet bag goes directly into the washing machine and I can relax. The kids can watch a show, and I know my one-year-old is ready for an afternoon nap. 

And...that's all! 

Over time this routine gets faster and faster to prepare. Clothes go straight from the dryer back into your pool bags. Come August you may also be prepping for neighbors. (wink, wink)

How do you take multiple kids to the school? Comment below to share your tips! 





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