Scoop the Limes - Toddler Water Play

Scoop the Limes - Toddler Water Play

Inside: Toddler water play to scoop and pour.

Scoop the Limes. - Also known as Grandma Bought too Many Limes at Costco and Now we Need to Find Some Uses.

It’s true.

Sometimes the best activities come from ideas that happen organically.

Here, my mom purchased more limes than she could account for.

Since the mission was to scoop and transfer, I also knew that no limes would be wasted. After water play, we used the limes in our next 35 glasses of soda water. 😆

Even better?

What happened as my boys played, was simply magical. We began the water play using a ladle, and finished up with some other fabulous variations. All taken from our outdoor storage bin, of course!

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toddler water play

This gross motor game began with my two-year-old.

His job was to scoop limes out of the water, and place them into the bin.

And he cracked me up!

My two-year-old would pick up the lime with his hand, place it into the soup ladle, and then transfer the lime into the plastic bin.

Not the original plan, but he was so proud. I didn’t dare rearrange his technique.

Remember, we may have an idea, yet allow your toddler to run with the implementation. It is important to allow some freedom and flexibility to let him test out new ideas.

two-year-old gross motor game

Why is gross motor important?

Gross motor games help the large muscles of the body. Building up this strength now will help with things like throwing, balance, and coordination later.

You can see some of our favorite gross motor games here.

Large motor activities and gross motor games are essentially the same.

Having your preschooler move their body literally wakes up their brain. These activities involve using the larger muscles in your body:

We want to practice strengthening the large muscles just as much as we practice the fine motor skills. (cutting, pasting, gluing, writing, buttoning, tying, etc.) Both are important for development.

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toddler water play

Water play is not just for toddlers!

Pretty soon, my four-year-old entered the scene with a pair of kitchen tongs.

Wow, I thought. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Brilliant, isn’t it?

My two-year-old was practicing holding a steady hand to scoop and pour as his older brother squeezed the tongs to grab each lemon. Fine motor practice at it’s finest!

Even better?

My four-year-old kept his left hand behind his back the entire time to challenge himself with his hand-eye coordination. He did this without me asking him to try!

Remember, plant the seeds, and you will see sprinkles of previous activities continue to make their way into self-guided play.

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toddler water play

So there they were! Playing in complete harmony.

Now, you know we love water play. In fact, run and check out these 35+ ideas for water play here.

You will soon see how a little water will change the entire tone of the afternoon.

toddler water play

Make this toddler water play in a flash!

It was a hit over here and I am certain it will be for you as well.

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toddler water play


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