Transportation Sort

Transportation Sort

Inside: Transportation activities for preschoolers.

Anyone else swimming in transportation toys?




Oh, my!

Using toys you already own to introduce or reinforce a concept is a true way to get preschoolers thinking!

Why? - Because children are already invested in something they value as their own. Bring current toys into your Breakfast Invitations and watch participation soar!

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transportation activities for kids

Transportation activities for preschoolers can be a blast to play!

Even better?

Preschoolers are taking an object they come in contact with on a daily basis (cars, trucks, airplanes) and are now building upon prior knowledge.

Your preschooler may have already known the car has wheels and the airplane has wings.

When they begin to classify and sort by land, air, and water, preschoolers expand thinking even further.

Now, not only does the plane have wings, but I associate the airplane as a form of transportation that moves in the air.

Of course, a preschooler may have known this prior to the game, but they are now categorizing and comparing with other forms of transportation.

They are seeing an old toy in a new way.

transportation activities for preschoolers

Transportation activities need to come alive.

Of course, there is a time an place when writing and fine motor grip are important. In fact, if you are new to our page you will see that even then we do not turn to worksheets.

Learning needs to be touched.

Learning needs to be explored.

Learning needs to be child led.

After I introduce a new learning prompt to my preschooler, I try and stand back and watch his thinking.

Many times I see my idea evolve into something different, that is still beneficial to his learning development.

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With this transportation activity, my four-year-old sorted, and then moved on to creating a tunnel under the table.

Look, mom! I am pushing this long row of cars in the tunnel!

And there we go!

I introduced sorting different types of transportation, and my four-year-old transitioned the activity to imaginary play.

BOTH are valuable for my preschooler’s development.

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Let’s get this transportation activity set up!

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the extra time to prep with much cutting and pasting.

What I do have time for is grabbing items we already own and putting down some painter’s tape to help guide learning.

Here’s what you’ll need to play!

*I like to use the delicate painter’s tape for my hardwood floors. It has writing on the tape that does not seem to distract from the activity.

Let’s get set up!

  • Write land, air, water on three small pieces of paper.

  • Make three rows with your painter’s tape.

  • Place a large bucket of transportation toys to the left of your setup. Why place on the left? Read about why HERE.

To begin, I gave a casual,

Look! This says water, this says land, and this says air. I wonder if we can sort our transportation?

Ideally, that quick prompt is all you need to get started.

Sometimes, he may need a little more.

I come down to my preschoolers level to investigate a little further. That way we are making eye contact and he sees that I am invested in his leaning.

This firetruck has wheels. Does it move on the land, water, or fly in the air?

Remember, competing the task may not the goal. Exposing to different ways to sort transportation is.

When you preschooler takes longer than you had planned, or gets distracted, encourage thinking with simple prompts or let them be. Your preschooler may surprise you in what they discover on his own!

transportation activities for preschoolers

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