Water Beads for Sensory Play

Water Beads for Sensory Play

Inside: water bead sensory play for your preschooler. 

Have you tried water beads?! 

I know you have seen them. They are EVERYWHERE! 

It wasn't until I had a small (actually very large) nudge from a friend that I added them to my Amazon Cart.

I mean, I knew about them but didn't know why I (I mean why WE) needed them. 

And now...I GET IT. Simply put, they are awesome. 

water beads for sensory play

For starters, these water beads come as tiny little balls the size of a pinhead. Add some water, watch them grow for 8 hours, and the fun is on.

Now, 8 hours may seem like a lifetime to a four-year-old.

So here's the trick:

  • Add them to water before dinner, watch them grow some before bedtime.

  • Send your preschooler off to bed with a little, "Tomorrow when you wake up, I bet your water beads will be even larger in size! You better get to bed so we can see them in the morning." (wink, wink)

water bead sensory play

Our Amazon Supply List:

Amazon affiliate links below. Add eyeballs for a spooky twist.

Now, here is the most important part:

Do not leave your toddler or preschooler unattended with water beads. They are not edible and you do not want them putting the water beads anywhere near their mouth. 

My three-year-old and four-year-old approached these water beads very differently. 

My four-year-old scooped and transferred. He also funneled each water bead into different containers testing out just "how many" fit. 

My three-year-old wanted to grasp each individual water bead (good for fine motor strength) and squeeeeeeze as hard as he could until they broke. I suppose another great way to strengthen those little fingers. 

Again, this is why you are staying close, along with placing a shower liner underneath the bin. - it makes for a much smoother clean up. 

We typically bring out sensory play once our 14-month-old takes a nap. You can see an entire list of sensory play activities here. 

water bead sensory play

These water beads are stimulating the senses and offering a way for siblings to work together. 

Sensory play will also encourage: 

  • Conversation skills

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Problem Solving

  • Calming down

  • Practice self-control

  • Fine motor development

And much, much more!

How will you play with them today? Will you simply add water, or freeze them like Busy Toddler did here? 

Want even more water play? Find 35+ Water Play Ideas HERE all in one place.

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