35+ Water Play Activities for Summer

35+ Water Play Activities for Summer

Inside: Water play for toddlers and preschoolers for summer

Hot summer days, and children home from school? 

Don't you worry.  I've got you covered. 

Have you seen the effect water has on cranky, bored children?

I have. Give kids a garden hose and the next thing you know dinner is made. Use this in combination with your Breakfast Invitations and you can drop the mic on summer.  #momskillinit

Seriously. I know this sounds ambitious. But water and kids are the winning combinations to make it from breakfast to naptime, and from naptime to dinner. 

The best part? Kids do not have a preferred state of matter. Take the water straight from the spout, or freeze it for the following day. Both work like a charm.

I searched through many of my favorite bloggers to give you this gigantic water play roundup with 35+ ideas. Do one every other day and you have your summer planned. 

I also broke up my favorite water play ideas into 3 different categories that I know you will enjoy. Take a seat. You are going to want to dive (literally) deep into this post. 

water play activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Drum Roll Please! Here they are...

water play activities for kids

13+ Water Play Ideas With Items Around Your Home:

Water Table Kitchen - Happy Toddler Playtime 

Flower and Water Sensory Bin - Days with Grey 

Rainbow Discovery Bottles - The Paige Diaries 

Water Transfer - Busy Toddler 

Ocean Bin - Days with Grey

Baby Doll Washing Station - The Workspace for Children 

Nature Soup - Happily Ever Mom 

Alphabet Soup - Busy Toddler 

Bright and Sour Sensory Bin - Days with Grey 

Toy Washing Station - Busy Toddler 

Lemons and Water Sensory Play - Days with Grey

Pom Pom Water Station  - Happy Toddler Playtime 

Squirt the Numbers - Days with Grey 

Oil and Water on the Light Table - Happily Ever Mom 

10 Ways to Learn and Play with Water - Toddler Approved 

ice play activities for kids

12+ Frozen Water Play:

Paint the Ice - Days with Grey

Pom Pom Ice Cubes - The Paige Diaries 

Ice Bin Transfer Play - Busy Toddler 

Color Your Ice - Days with Grey 

Frozen Lego - Happy Toddler Playtime 

Alphabet Ice - Days with Grey

Alphabet Ice Excavation - Teaching Mama 

Ice Rocks - Happy Toddler Playtime 

Frozen Paint - Busy Toddler 

Ice Puzzles - Days with Grey 

Ice Cube Sculptures - Teaching Mama 

Ice Melt and Break - Growing Book By Book 

Fourth of July Sensory Bin with Ice - Playground Parkbench

Rainbow Ice Town Excavation - Fun at Home with Kids

Water toys and water gear for kids (1).jpg

14 Water Toys/Gear:

Water Toys You Need to Own - Busy Toddler 

Splash the Alphabet with Water Bottles - Days with Grey 

21+ Spray Bottle Water Bottle Activities - Happy Toddler Playtime 

Plastic Egg Water Wall - Teaching Mama 

Water Xylophone - Teaching Mama

Frozen Water Beads - Busy Toddler 

Duck Race - Fantastic Fun and Learning 

The Best Bath Toys - Busy Toddler 

DIY Water Color Pens - Happily Ever Mom 

Color Sorting Sensory Bin - The Mama Workshop

A Trip Into the Forest with Kids - The Workspace for Children 

Scooping Shapes Bubble Water Play - Fantastic Fun and Learning 

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Gear - Fantastic Fun and Learning 

Pool Noodle Water Wall - Teaching Mama 

Ideas JUST LIKE THESE are also found on our Alphabet Cards. Available for same day shipping! 

Quick tips how to make it work.

Quick tips how to make it work.

A Fun Outdoor Game

A Fun Outdoor Game