Water Play Table for Pouring

Water Play Table for Pouring

Inside: Water play table to practice pouring and gain arm strength.

Have a child that likes to pour the milk? Start with this water play table to help practice!

Children want to become independent.

Kids love to feel in charge.

Children need a chance to practice in an open environment without feeling like they may make a mistake.

Even better?

This pouring station is legit. All three of my boys (ages 2, 4, 5.5) wanted in asap - and it lasted until dinnertime. SCORE.

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water play table

My mission was simple.

Create a water play table pouring station with the intention to practice holding a steady hand.

I wanted to create an area that had a buffer zone for spilled water, and allow my four-year-old to grow confident in his pour.

Because let’s face it. He is going to want to continue pouring the milk in his oatmeal. Saying yes is important.

We practice now, so he can help later with more strength and muscle control.

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water play table

Here’s my water play table trick:

Coloring the water with food coloring really helped my four-year-old judge how much water needed to be in each container in order to reach the line.

Hear what is happening here?

  1. My four-year-old is pouring. - Gross Motor

  2. My four-year-old is filling to each line. - Measurement

  3. My four-year-old is learning through play. - WINNER, WINNER!

water play table

Pretty soon everyone wanted in on the water play table!

My Kindergartener could not wait to get his hands on this water play and came swooping in.

  • The two of them poured the colored water in one container and back into another.

  • They made predications about how quickly the water would reach the line.

  • The boys poured with a steady hand allowing for some spillage.

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water play table

Here is how I set up this water play table:

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To be honest, it all began with this pouring pitcher I found at Home Goods.

Basically, love at first sight. I knew is was “the one”.

Next, I grabbed our 41 quart under the bed storage bin to use as our water play table.

(Luckily I had a couple of storage bins under my bed stuffed with tank tops from 2002 that needed to be cleaned out.)

If you don’t already have a storage bin, you can find one here:

Finally, I grabbed my painter’s tape and food coloring to add to the water.

I used the painter’s tape to create lines of measurement on each recycled container.

I used a few drops of food coloring to add to the water in the pouring pitcher.

Invite your children to come over and pour!

Remember, this is the perfect time for children to practice pouring WITHOUT the feeling of making a mistake.

Encourage them to fill each container to the line, and then observe from afar.

  • Does your child stop once they reach the line?

  • Do they acknowledge the line, but continue pouring anywaY?

  • How about strength? Is your preschooler able to lift the container with the water. Try filling the container up with different amounts of water and see how they handle more weight.

Allow your preschooler to explore on his own terms.

Remember that you set the stage and planted the seed. - The rest is up to him.

When will you make your water play table for pouring practice?

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