Please remember that all activities are to INTRODUCE, not MASTER Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Every child moves at their own pace. 

Be patient with yourself and your preschooler as you introduce new concepts.  Some days they will embrace your ideas, and others, not so much. It is all age appropriate and exploration is the key to success. 

Gross motor 

Gross motor skills are bigger movements such as rolling, kicking, hitting, and walking. 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute, and describe the difference. For example, directly compare the sizes of two objects and describe one object as larger/smaller.

Grey and I gathered a couple of different sized balls from inside the house and brought them outdoors. Bringing indoor activities outdoors creates a different kind of experience. Preschoolers experiment with uneven surfaces as they roll the balls into the basket.  

I knew that Grey was familiar with the words small and large, but adding a medium ball increased his vocabulary.