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This template draws inspiration from the aesthetic of fashion editorial magazines and lookbooks. Its use of abundant white space and fine typographic detail recalls the work of Harper's Bazaar's most notable art director: Alexey Brodovitch. Striving for the same elegance and dynamism, this template offers a simple outlet to feature impeccable content.


In 1934, Bazaar editor Carmel Snow attended an Art Directors Club of New York exhibition curated by 36-year-old graphic designer Alexey Brodovitch. Snow called it a revelation, describing "pages that bled beautifully, cropped photographs, typography and design that were bold and arresting." She immediately offered Brodovitch a job as Bazaar's art director. Throughout his career at the magazine, Brodovitch, a Russian émigré (by way of Paris), revolutionized magazine design. With his directive "Astonish me," he inspired some of the greatest artists of the 20th century (including protégés Irving Penn, Hiro, and, of course, Richard Avedon) to create legendary images.

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At Nutrition Stripped, our company sells proprietary products (education programs, coaching, memberships, merch), and we also engage in sponsored collaborations to help support our efforts with our growing team, website, and other investments needed to make NutritionStripped.com a heavily free resource.

Nutrition Stripped upholds high integrity and high standards when working with advertisers and partners. This means we have a direct impact in key messaging that’s shared in the sponsored content—our sponsors do not influence the messaging we share.


On nutritionstripped.com, there are ads found at the footer, within the sidebar of articles, and we clearly communicate the advertising organization we’re part of in the footer of our website. We maintain control in choosing what type of ads are accepted and will show to the user of nutritionstripped.com. Through our advertising organization Elite Cafe Media, we can cancel advertisements at any time for any reason if it wasn’t a good fit with nutritionstripped.com

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At Nutrition Stripped, we’re proud to work with sponsors and partners that are fully aligned with our mission — providing education and products that can be part of a healthy lifestyle. That means, we say no, far more than we say yes to opportunities because they don’t meet our standard. Sponsored content does provide financial support to Nutrition Stripped, but more importantly, it helps educate our community of the latest products and resources they can use in their lifestyle to improve their health, add convenience by making healthy eating simple, and can provide a stepping stone into making optimal health choices as one’s journey progresses.

Nutrition Stripped has full control of the editorial and social media content that is shared regarding sponsored content. With all sponsored content, we abide by all FTC policies and disclaimers notifying our community when content is a paid partnership.

We clearly communicate sponsored content with our community in the editorial by disclosing in the content “This article is in partnership with X— we only engage in sponsored opportunities and partner with brands that are Nutrition Stripped approved. All our opinions are authentic and remain our own.”

On social media, all sponsored content is labeled one of the following FTC disclaimers “#sponsored, #ad, #advertising”, or utilizing the paid feature.

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In order to be a trusted resource and educate our community, we share links that direct to another company, brand, or product supporting the editorial content. We may link to food products, healthy living products, or books—all of which we make a small percentage of commission on if the product is purchased through our affiliate link.

We disclose our affiliate relationships here. Our online “shop” includes products with affiliate links, all products are “NS Approved”, which means they abide by our standard. We look for how the product was made, the mission alignment, efficacy, and quality.

The links we share for affiliate products do not mean Nutrition Stripped endorses said product. Read more about our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and affiliates.


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