Preschool development does not always have to revolve around a standard from the Common Core. 

Whenever possible, we get outside. 

 Here you will find activities based on the outdoors that will encourage exploration and free play. 

Sometimes, we just sit. And listen. And observe. 


Having your child guide the exploration will give them the confidence of decision making and the freedom to develop leadership skills. 

Preschoolers enjoy being in charge. So why not let them be and save when we need to be in charge for the "more important" situations?  

This does not mean your preschooler is running circles around you. Choices are a helpful alternative. Should we go to the house with the dog, or go smell the flowers? 

Preschoolers thrive off of repetition. Continue to revisit parks, paths, and neighborhoods. You will see your preschooler gain confidence as they revisit familiar territories. 


Finding a local hiking trail can show your preschooler how to navigate the outdoors, read maps, and embrace the five senses. There is so much to see, smell, hear and touch! 

If weather conditions are safe, go outdoors in the rain. The feeling of raindrops is a great way for your preschooler to discover new sensations.



Walking on rocks helps your preschooler with balance and coordination to enhance Gross Motor Skills.

Strong Gross Motor Skills help preschoolers gain more confidence with  running, jumping, walking up and down stairs, throwing and kicking. 

It is important to allow your preschooler time to practice and enhance strength. 



Getting outside opens up new doors for exploration that are sometimes unplanned. You never know who or what opportunities will arise!.

Grey, Hayes and I were new to where we currently live. It took some time to understand our outdoor opportunities and what was available. 

Over time we have found local hiking trails and walking paths. Each time, the view changes. 

We have learned that tunnels echo, lizards have camouflage, and the deer are losing their habitat due to new development. 

Wherever you may live, there is the outdoors. Go out and discover it. Relish the sounds, grab what you can touch, smell the fresh air.