Please remember that all activities are to INTRODUCE, not MASTER Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Every child moves at their own pace. 

Be patient with yourself and your preschooler as you introduce new concepts.  Some days they will embrace your ideas, and others, not so much. It is all age appropriate and exploration is the key to success. 

Plan ahead

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to Identify real-life connections between words and their use.

It is also important to teach our preschoolers to look for cars before crossing.

Preschoolers respond well with rhymes. Not only will the rhyme remind them to check for cars, but it will also allow for the introduction using directional wordssuch as left and right. This will enhance their ability to follow directions as well as speak with intention. 

Finding a safe practice area is a great way to start. We practiced at the library. 

 Here is a rhyme to help guide your preschooler across the street. 

Look Left. 

Look Right. 

Make sure no cars are in sight. 

Look Left.

Look Right. 

Safe to cross? Let's do it right! 

When heading out, have your preschooler pack a bag with items they would like to take with them.

Also, take the time to talk with them ahead of time about where you will be going.

Decision making with packing a bag helps them gain responsibility and the conversation helps them prepare for what's to come. 

Remember, your PRESCHOOLER packs the bag, not you. Have them take ownership in the packing. 

Some ideas for your bag are:

  • allergy free snacks (for the sake of others around you)
  • crayons
  • trains
  • legos
  • books

Toddlers love choices and it is important for them to make choices as often as possible. Give them opportunities to make healthy ones. 

Here is Grey's snack drawer. This morning I quietly added three apples. Next thing I know, he comes around the corner apple! 

If you store only the things you want your children to eat, they will only eat the things you want them to! 

When working on a game that involves a lot of pieces, pull out 3 at a time with one being the correct piece you are looking for. 

Children learn better when concepts are on their level. Choosing out of 3 makes a lot more sense than choosing out of 26. 

You can eventually increase the amount they will choose from.

We made it to Rr before hitting our stopping point!  

How do you encourage ways to be successful?

Getting a preschooler to eat different foods can be a difficult task.

My trick? Combine what you want your toddler to eat, with something they can dip it in! 


The power of a puppet is unreal. My first year teaching Kindergarten was when I realized its magical powers. Once the puppet came out, crayons were organized and pencils were sharpened. It was UNREAL. 

We do the same at home. There are so many redirections that we give our preschoolers. This solution will leave you calm and cool. 

Need your toddler to get his shoes? - PUPPET

Need some clothes picked up? - PUPPET

Need your toddler to brush his teeth? - PUPPET, again. 

Honorable Mentions Are:

  • British Accent 
  • Sing your Request
  • Dance as you Speak