Sensory play helps toddlers and preschoolers learn to react to what they experience through their senses. 


Observing objects in and out of tin cans is a great way for your preschooler to discover sound vibrations. 

Begin by filling your cans. I chose beans and uncooked pasta. Do not tell your preschooler what is inside the can! 

Hand the can to your preschooler and allow them to give it a shake! 

Once your preschooler explores the sound vibrations, ask them what they think is inside? Tell your preschool to listen again as they try to figure it out. 

Discuss with your preschooler how each can sounds alike and different. Is one louder than the other? 


Allow your preschooler to peek inside to discover what was inside! 

You can extend the activity by allowing your preschooler to pick something to go inside the can or come back with more sounds to discover. 

You can also close your eyes and switch roles. Can you figure out what your preschooler chose to put inside the can?