Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards

Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards


Breakfast Invitations:

Simple set-ups that allow your child to work on low prep activities as you begin your day. 

Breakfast Invitations are designed for multi-age families and work well with siblings. 

I've made a variety of simple, easy to use Breakfast Invitations Activity Cards for you to store in the kitchen (or mobile device) so you can quickly access ideas.

These Breakfast Invitation Activity Cards give you 20+ ideas to get a productive start to your day.

And guess what? They even align to the skills your child will need upon entering Kindergarten.

All cards are sold as a set and are sold on a ring. 20 Activities to start your morning.

Non refundable.

Breakfast Invitations will help you:

  • Develop a predictable routine.

  • Minimize arguments about how many TV shows will be watched.

  • Encourage your child to work independently.

  • Prepare your children for Kindergarten. 

  • Allow you to get a head start on making breakfast and drinking your coffee hot with minimal requests.  

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