Preschool Alphabet Activity Cards

Preschool Alphabet Activity Cards



50+ Activities to Explore the Alphabet!

Looking for a way to become more involved with your preschooler, but don't have the time to use Pinterest or Google ideas?

Imagine all of your favorite blog posts in one place.  

Allow these Alphabet Activity Flash Cards to come to your rescue!

What Are Alphabet Activity Cards?

  • A quick reference for preschool activities.

  • An easy way to integrate learning into playtime.

  • A quick resource for moms to understand what will be taught in Kindergarten and how to begin applying it now with their preschooler.

Here's a look at some of the topics covered:

  • Exploration

  • Questioning

  • Art

  • Kindness

  • Balance

  • Fine Motor

  • Movement

But That's Not All! 

These cards make a gorgeous display.

Use the cards to display the alphabet in your home and allow your preschooler to pick activities they would like to try!


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