The Best Preschool Letter Activities on Amazon

The Best Preschool Letter Activities on Amazon

Inside: The best preschool letter activities on Amazon. Here you will find tools that can support play and learning at home.

The preschool letter activities from Amazon that I’m crazy about.

Ever wonder which abc supplies will last over time?

Ones that you can pull out at two, and then again at age five?

Me too! I want to know that I only have to hit that add to cart button one time, and my collection is set.

I want to create an environment of forever toys and supplies that my boys can use over the next few years. I want my preschoolers to be able to become familiar with the lines and curves that form a letter, along with being able to toss the letters into a sensory bin (aka under the bed storage bin) for hands-on learning.

From setting up your Breakfast Invitations to Sensory play, this letter supply list is pretty versatile!

Here, you will find a detailed list of letter activities from Amazon we own, trust, and love. You don’t need to own a ton. Just a few that you can use in a couple different ways!

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Hands-on Letter Activities

Let’s form and construct letters!

These letter activities are perfect for little hands to better visualize the lines, straights, curves, tunnels, sticks, etc. on a letter. We particularly love the construction build as seen on number one!

Here is how we use these ice trays!

  1. Learning Resources Letter Construction

  2. Learning Resources Lower Case Lacing Letters

  3. Silicone Alphabet & Number Trays Mold by Traytastic!

  4. Playfoam Alphabet Mat

  5. Coogam Wooden Number Construction Puzzle

  6. Kid O A to Z Magnatab

RELATED: How can you use the lacing letters? Try adding them into a sensory bin to dig and find the letters of your child’s name. Even more interesting is that this was one of my very first posts and activities on Days with Grey!

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Start Writing Letters

Since lines are made of straights and curves, your preschooler can begin exploring this with these alphabet manipulatives. My favorite is the sand tray and deck of sandpaper cards. Great for kinesthetic learners! - kids that learn by touching and doing

You can also practice making letter formations on the floor with painter’s tape. See how HERE.

  1. Wikki Stix Alphabet Set

  2. Slant Board for Writing

  3. Montessori Wood Therapy Sand Writing Tray

  4. Didax Educational Resources Sandpapers Letters Boxed Set

  5. Alphabet Mats (different than one shown above)

  6. Primary Concepts Letter Formation Sand Tray

RELATED: See the sand tray in use on my friend, Susie from Busy Toddler’s page! She tried it with salt.

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Alphabet Supplies

These alphabet supplies are excellent to keep on hand for spontaneous play. The alphabet bath toys are a fun addition to the tub, and adhere to the wall with a little water. If you do not have a magnetic wall, try using a cookie sheet. They work great!

  1. Learning Resources Alphabet Soup Sorters, 208 Pieces

  2. Magnetic Letters & Numbers

  3. Alphabet Bath Toys

  4. Sign Language Posters

  5. Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamps

  6. Magnetic Letter Kit

RELATED: Curious how we store all of this? Here are the storage bins we love to use.

Which letter activity will you add to your collection?

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