20+ Startup Craft Supplies for Your Preschooler

20+ Startup Craft Supplies for Your Preschooler

I had a friend ask me:

"What are the best craft supplies to get you started for toddler/preschool activities?"

What a brilliant question!

I have slowly built up my crafting collection (mostly of recycled cardboard)  to enable a quick and easy go to collection for "when I have an idea". - Because let's face it, aren't all ideas at 2am brilliant?! 

20+ of Our Favorite Preschool Craft Supplies: 

All are Amazon Affiliate Links for those who don't obsess over (or have the time) for Hobby Lobby.

The Basics


For this scissors, I am linking you to Munchkins and Moms. Clarissa has a great account for preschoolers. She has also done an amazing job putting kid's scissors to the test! Read more about scissors here. 


Paint and Brushes:


The Fun Extras:

What's your favorite preschool crafting supply?

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A Simple List of Supplies

A Simple List of Supplies