A Simple List of Supplies

A Simple List of Supplies

Inside: A simple list of learning supplies for the Breakfast Invitations and kid activities

You asked our supply list, so here it is wrapped into one juicy post. 

The simple list of learning supplies that go along with the Breakfast Invitations.  

There is nothing like having the winning combination of DIY upcycle supplies (think, egg cartons, paper rolls) and purchased items that already did the work for you. (think they connect, are colored, and help with fine motor skills)

Having just the right amount of both is key. 

Great supplies are simply that. - GREAT! These supplies are great to have on hand with or without the Activity Cards. So let's take a look at supplies that will help your child learn. 

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Simple Supply List for Kids Activities

Breakfast Invitation Cards:

The Breakfast Invitation cards offer plenty of alternatives for supplies. You will find alternative suggestions on the back of each card to keep your learning flexible. 

Remember, you can use these supplies every day. They are not limited to the Breakfast Invitation Cards.  Take these learning tools on your next road trip, or bring a few with you out to eat. They have endless opportunities. 




Counting Bears

Plastic Tongs


Keep in mind, the paperless Breakfast Invitations can also be purchased as a PDF to print or store on your phone. 

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