Kids Art Supply Organization

Kids Art Supply Organization

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Looking for a way to organize kid art supplies?

I was.

It was time to get the loose stickers off the ground and all the markers without caps thrown away.

You see, we once had an organization system for art supplies, and quite frankly, that system was no longer working. It was broken and needed to be fixed before someone slipped on a stapler.

So here we are, all tidied up and ready to rock and roll.

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kid art supply organization

Before we get into what’s INSIDE the organization, read this first.

Involve your children in the art supply organization set-up.

I assure you, this was not the easiest task.

In fact it was a lot of redirecting and refocusing. Catch our Instagram stories for some behind the scenes how this all went down. For one, my three-year-old was certain the bottom drawer was to be used for his Matchbox cars. No worries, we eventually worked together and got everything straightened out. This is all part of the process.

Pick a Saturday when everyone is home, or your next rainy day.

The reason behind this?


When children are involved in the decision process, they are MORE LIKELY to keep the drawers tidy and put the stamp markers back with the stamp markers.

The entire point of organizing art supplies is that the art supplies REMAIN organized.

kids art supply organization

Start with the markers.

This also makes a fantastic Breakfast Invitation.

  • Label one bin with a happy face. This represents the markers that work.

  • Label the other bin with a sad face. This represents the markers that no longer work.

  • Allow your child to test, and sort the markers.

  • Throw away the markers that no longer work.

  • Sort the markers that do.

Both my three-and-a-half- year-old, and my five-year-old came back and forth with this activity as their attention was shifted. Keep in mind, it is age-appropriate for your child to lose interest and then return. Towards the end, I sat with them to finish the job.

kids art supply organization

Kids art supply organization needs glue.

Don’t let this scare you. Remember, you have been scooping and pouring, throwing, and squeezing. You have been doing these things to help with life skills such as this.

Just like cleaning out the marker drawer, let them fill the glue.

Did it spill? Yep. But this was only after the cap wasn’t screwed on tightly. It was a total accident that this book has helped us take with stride.

kid art supply organization

Now, I know what you came here for. You’re asking:

“What’s inside those drawers?!”

Or better yet, “Where did you get that Kids Art Supply Storage Cart? “

The best part of an Art Supply Cart is that once it seems to hit a lull, supplies can be replaced and rearranged to regain interest.

STORAGE CART: Find it here.


  • Melissa and Doug reusable toy wooden boxes

  • Small storage boxes I found at Home Depot and Publix. ( I searched an Amazon link for you all, they were outrageously priced there. The bins I ended up using were made by Sterilite. Check your local grocery store or Home Depot to see what they have in stock.


Art Supply Cart Drawer One:

  1. Crayola Washable Markers

  2. Skinny Markers

  3. Stamp Markers

  4. IKEA colored pencils

  5. Highlighters

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kids art supply organization art cart

Art Supply Cart Drawer Two

  1. Tissue paper squares

  2. Post-It Notes

  3. Washi Tape

  4. Clothespins

  5. Honeysticks Crayons (perfect for one-year-olds)

  6. Hole Puncher

  7. Paper Clips

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kids art supply organization art cart

Art Supply Cart Drawer Three

  1. Mini clothespins

  2. Painters swatches - Find at your local paint store

  3. Glue sticks

  4. Rubber bands

  5. Stapler

  6. Scissors (the ones we use)

  7. Tape

  8. Glue - I prefer the large containers to refill what I already have

  9. Jumbo Craft Sticks

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kids art storage supply organization  art cart

Art Supply Cart Drawer Four

Give them all the cardboard.

Supply them with small pieces of wood to color and maybe even practice nailing into with supervision. Another idea is to supply sandpaper in this drawer along with the wood.

kid art supply organization art cart

Art Supply Cart Drawer Five

Store your paper rolls here. Then you can use them for DIY Color Maze.

kid art supply organization art cart

Art Supply Cart Drawer Six

Save this drawer for your random sticker collection. Here we have traditional stickers and felt.

Now your Art Supply Organization is ready to go!

Invite your children to create and see what they can make.

What will you add to your art cart?

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kids art supply organization art cart #artideasforkids #kidsart #artcart #artsupplies
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