LEGO Organization Closet

LEGO Organization Closet

Inside: Lego storage solutions for organization.

Legos had taken over our dining room. 

Multicolored little bricks were now more predominant than our bold curtains. 

Half opened bags exploded onto the floor with the manual laying helplessly upside-down. 

Legos. were. everywhere. 

Something had to be done to help organize all of these parts and pieces that were taking over the one room I had left in the house to claim as my own. 

We had to think of a better way.

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Now let’s be real. 

If you came to my house for the first time, you may not be thinking WOW, this chick is so organized! Her house looks straight out of HGTV. 

Nope. Not happening. 

But what you may be thinking is, There are some good organization ideas here that my kids can implement.  - hint to the little people in the house to actually put things away after using them. 

All kidding aside. Bottom line.

If your kids are going to actually live in your house, it may never look like a Pinterest picture. 

But there is hope in toy organization! 

What you can do:

  • Offer color coded bins to sort open ended toys (such as Legos) into a destination at cleanup. 

  • Work together to create storage solutions. 

  • Select a storage location that allows Legos and other supplies to be put away and perhaps out of sight when not being used. 

Let’s take a look at the Lego organization before:

Look familiar? 

Lego organization

Before we get into what’s INSIDE the Lego organization, read this first. 

Involve your children in the Lego organization set-up. 

I assure you, this is not the easiest task. 

In fact it was a lot of redirecting and refocusing. We also did this when we cleaned up the playroom.

But what this is doing is allowing your child to become invested in final product, which is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of the organization puzzle.

If we want children to use the organization, they need to help get it started.  

Imagine a newly organized junk drawer. 

Mine is screaming for help. 

Yet, if someone came in, tossed what they thought I don’t need, it could leave me feeling frustrated. Not everyone knows the value of a dot sticker stuffed in a junk drawer. (well, I know you do)

Again, if kids build it, they will use it. - most of the time. Some days need to be chalked up for organized chaos being okay as well. 


Start with identifying a color for each Lego drawer.

Some colors drawers may mix.

Here, we mixed yellow and brown into one bin. The reds and pinks are also mixed into one bin. Decide with your child which Legos work best for each storage drawer.

Pro Tip:

I have better luck when I sweep all of the Legos from the floor into a large plastic bin prior to color sorting. This makes it a more manageable task for my preschooler when everything is in one place.

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LEGO organization

Tell me about these storage drawers!

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Over time, I have found these storage drawers from the Container Store to be my favorite. In fact, we use a large variety of their bins for most of our open ended toys that you can see stored here.

The Lego organization drawers:

Container Store stackable drawers. - LINK HERE.

Perhaps you love Amazon and just need the drawers delivered faster than you can pack the kids and head to the store? - tell me about it, I know that all too well.

Here are some great Lego organization storage drawers that I found on Amazon:

Where can this Lego organization be stored? 

Do you have a closet that could use a refresh?

For us, it was time to KonMari the coat closet. We needed to give this Lego organization a home and I needed to get rid of jackets from 2012. 

The coat closet was the perfect solution for us because it is across the hall from the playroom. Now, we had a place to store the Legos, along with a door to close when the Legos weren’t being used.

Think about a closet in your home that could use a little love and make some room for your new Lego organization storage solution! 

LEGO organization solution

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